Friday, June 7, 2013

The Wishing List - Things I Lack, Things I Want

It's hard. Life, it's hard. I guess I shouldn't be complaining much though. I can't get a job (and I have actually tried to get one), but I don't have bills either. The only real commitment I actually have is to pay 38$ a month to support a little girl through Compassion International. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to support her. But now I have no money in my bank account so I don't even know how I'm gonna pay for the two months before I HOPEFULLY get financial aid money for next semester. The reason I'm really in this mess is because I was counting on getting money back from classes over the summer. Apparently, that doesn't work over the summer. The money you get depends on how many classes you take and I had to keep dropping classes because I couldn't afford books. Then one of the classes I couldn't afford the freaking $200 books (a freaking computer literacy class online. Doesn't taking it online make me computer literate?!) for only gave me two days to drop with refund and I did it on the freaking third. Now I owe about $300 for a class I didn't even take. F. M. L. I'm gonna have to ask my grandma to pay for it, since my parents and I can no way in heck afford that. My little sister can't even stay in school full time cause it's so freaking expensive. I really should just delete this whole rant out of here, but I refuse.

Here's a list of things I want, that I don't have, that I can't afford, but selfishly wish for anyways.

Notched Ribbon Top

I love this Notched Ribbon Top from Anthro.

Zocalo Peasant Blouse

I also love this Zocalo Peasant Blouse from Anthro.

I pre-ordered The Last Of Us for my boyfriend's late birthday since this is all he wanted and it wasn't out in March. Unfortunately, now that its about to come out I don't have the money for it (as stated above). He doesn't really care as he is more concerned with me getting school in order and such, but even if I buy it for him later he won't get the pre-order bonuses. I'm a pretty horrible girlfriend, but I do have a pretty great boyfriend ^_^

A prepaid lootcrate subscription would be awesome. I'll prolly have to cancel my box for this month, which makes me exceptionally saddened. I love my lootcrates.

The Girl With The Iron Touch is the third book in The Steampunk Chronicles which is my favorite book series. It came out about a week ago, but yeah... No money. I also don't really like pirating books so I'm just gonna have to wait.

The rest of the stuff is all MC Gamer related, just so you know. If you don't know who MC is, just know he's amazing and one of my most favoritest people ever.

This Red Pompous Pompous Sweatshirt has been on my wishlist for a while. I was supposed to buy it with my birthday money, but obviously that didn't work out or else I would be wearing it right now.

This I'm Going To Win shirt was created in honor of Team Pimp's win in UHC X. I like it in this deep heather color.

I don't have a picture for this last one, but it's to sponsor an MC livestream. I would love to just donate $1000 dollars because this guy is fantastic. Whatever money he makes through donations during his streams he splits in half. He keeps half for bills and the other half he donates to another charity stream going on. It really is absolutely fantastic. I would to at least sponsor a seven hour stream because my favorite streams are his Wind Waker speedruns which take about 6-6 1/2 hours.

So that's my wish list for this week. I'm sure I'll have more to add next week ~~~

~ Zephyr <3

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friend Of Fortune

I have a bit of a collection of paper fortunes from fortune cookies. I can't exactly remember when I started keeping these, but since I have quite a few I thought I'd share with you ^_^

The last one is my favorite. "Today is the day you let it go. Your chance will come." I feel like I need to hear these words ever day since it seems there is always something, just something.

I hope you find fortunes fortunate for you too ~~~

~ Zephyr <3

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forgotten Language - Memory

Prompt - write based on a specific memory, using your senses to describe the scene.

December, 2009. I don't know what day it is. This is one of the few days I have been conscious since this began. I don't know why I try to eat. Within minutes the few bites I've taken are back up, leaving a searing pain in my throat. My body hurts. Everything hurts. I should walk around, stretch, but I'm too weak to even try. The only way I can even get to the bathroom is by holding on to the pole whose tubes are connected to my chest. I see the doctor pass by my room, his beard growing out - a sign that one of his patients are not going down the good path. I have a strong feeling that patient is me. I know without a doubt that that patient is me. If I had been able to give anything but apathy to the situation I might have cared. But I didn't. Why bother worrying? I had no doubt that I would live. Delirium from drugs or not, I was not scared. My body tells me I have been awake for too long, that I need to go back to sleep. I do not fight. I lay back down and close my iron lids, knowing I will not be able to open them again for a while.

Respond to this prompt if you want and post it in the comments ~~~

~ Zephyr <3

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspired - June

So these are the pictures that will be inspiring me through my everlong art rut this month. Some of them, if not all, will be drawn. Once the month is over I'll be getting rid of these and getting new ones, so any that I want to draw have to get done in June - my way of staying motivated. Oh and when I post my art I'll try to find the picture its based on so you can have a side by side comparison. Once I get my print shoppe up and running, I'll hopefully be selling prints of all my stuff.

Stay inspired ~~~

~ Zephyr <3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Week In Review

Ah, this week hasn't been too too busy. I will say that my often occurring headaches have been getting consistently worse. Today I have already taken too many pills and it hasn't even decreased so I've decided to simply drink tea and watch MC Gamer speedrun The Wind Waker while balancing an ice pack on my head. I think the tea is helping though.

Aside from these things today, I have gotten myself a new specialist doctor. Thank God, he is planning to have me done with all these phlebotomies by the end of 12 months, instead of being like 40 years old. He's actually pretty cool and seems to know just about everything known in the field of hematology, though he did seem to snub his nose at more...alternative medicine options.

The most exciting thing that really happened this week was the launch of my gaming blog Infinite. No one has been on it, but I actually put quite a bit of work into it which in turn has me putting more work into this one - a.k.a. pages! All the pages! Which may not seem like a big deal, but it's actually quite time consuming. I will be focusing on Warpath as my main still, but I will be on Infinite whenever some gaming news catches my attention.

Aside from that, the world has been pretty chill. I'm loving my creative writing class, though it's putting me in debt because for some reason doing classes over the summer screws with my aid so I don't get as much as I would in Fall/Winter. It's utterly stupid on ever level, but what can you do?

Ah, I'm going back to dual stream watching and page editing. Later days~

~ Zephyr <3

Monday, May 20, 2013


So I just took a look at that creative writing post and I have nooo idea why it's being stupid and looking like that. Please excuse it. I tried to fix it, but I really don't know why it's doing that. Sorry for the technical difficulties!

~ Zephyr <3

Music Muse

This song is one of my favorites of just about ever. Yes, it is from a game soundtrack, but it is just awe inspiring beauty heard.


~ Zephyr <3