Sunday, December 23, 2012

Forgotten Language #1

So basically, this is a little section where I'll randomly share writings and short stories and poetry. I write alot so yeah, feedback appreciated. I'm hoping to publish a book filled with things like this someday.

Hold Heart, Don't Beat So Loud

You always give me away,
Frail Heart,
You always give me away.
I cannot hide away from them
They always find me out
They find a way into my eyes
And ever quivering mouth

Be still, 
Frail Heart,
Don't beat so loud
They'll find us from the sound
They'll prey upon this pulsating beat
And devour us
From inside out

Hold out,
Frail Heart,
Don't fail me now
We won't survive for long
We only hope
This one will love
Instead of breaking us down

You always give me away,
Frail Heart,
You always give me away.
They have found us
And consumed us
But somehow
We are made whole

~ Zephyr

©The Warpath Home

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Fat on Body, we don't have a very good relationship. I think we should break up. Please, go away.

Dear Phone Battery, why will you hold a charge for two weeks and then insist on being charged every three hours? Do you think I will give in to your temper tantrums? Well, I do. Every time.

Dear South Florida Air, though I love you, you really need to understand that it's December and I need you to be windy and cold.

Dear YouTube, why do you change your layout every time I finally learn to like it? It's quite irritating.

Dear Blog, why won't you ever use the pretty layouts I find? No one wants to look at an ugly blog.

Dear my Dachshund Diamond, please stop barking at every little noise. Thank You.

Dear Imagination, though you help me with all creative things, I would really appreciate it if you stopped making scary shapes out of shadows when it's the middle of the night and very dark.

Dear Paranoia, please stop making me freak out about everything. I can't enjoy scary horror games because of you.

Dear Christmas, I know you can't be once a month, but would it be too much if I celebrated you in July as well?

Dear Boy, I miss you. So come back soon, okay?