Friday, May 17, 2013

Forgotten Language - Senses

Prompt - We experience the world through each of our senses. When we evoke the senses in our writing, our readers experience the world we've created. Write an entry in which one sense at a time predominates. It should be about a particular place or experience. You might just be sitting somewhere; record everything you see, then everything you hear, and so on. Do as many senses as you can. Be specific and concrete. Ask yourself  what does that look like? What does it smell like? By reaching for apt similes or metaphors, you "put pressure on the language" that further describes or evokes the imagery. This is what writers do. Write at least 250 words.

My eyes won't open. I don't know if it's day of night, light or dark. I try to open them, but the lids are heavy like iron, lead. I force them open for a moment, but they slide back shut with ease. I still can't say if it's day or night. The moment of sight is a frozen picture painted onto the inside of my dark lids. The room sears with intense white light from the ceiling above. The bag of red hangs leisurely from the shiny pole next to my bed. I can't stop seeing the bag of red. I use all my strength to pick up the upper half of my body, only to collapse onto my side. I can hear people talking, but I don't care what they say. I block them out, ignore them. I hear the cheap sheets scratch and twitch beneath my skin. The air is still in the room. There are no smells, there are no sounds, there are no tastes, there are no sights. There is only pain. My body is raked with the horrible pain that comes with feeling like your muscles are being slowly peeled apart, like they are being condensed into quarter sized boxes where they can never fit. My stomach feels like someone is taking it and squeezing it in their fists. My scalp feels like ever follicle is filled with needles instead of strands of hair. I reach to my head to scratch away the needles. They fall out in my hand. I know my bed is covered with them, those long brown strands of sharp sensations. I have since forgotten what everything feels like outside of my body. I only feel the pain within. I reach for the button next to the bed and press it. They already know what I need. Someone comes in the room. There is no point in trying to force my lids open again. I already know what they are doing. Within seconds, I can feel the deep haze fogging my brain again as I fall back into the empty void.

~ Zephyr <3

Feel free to write your own and share them in the comments ^_^