A List Of Favorites

This is a list of all my differing favorite things in life ^_^ (Full descriptions won't be featured for all the things.)


Shiny Toy Guns
STG has pretty much been my favorite band since I first heard their "We Are Pilots" album. They switched female singers for their second album "Season of Poison", but still made a great album. Their third album, aptly named "III" focused on the return of original female vocals Carah and is their latest album. My favorite tracks from each album are as follows (in CD order) - We Are Pilots, You Are The One, Don't Cry Out, When Did This Storm Begin?, and Somewhere To Hide.

Metric is right up there with STG for me. I actually found Metric when I listen to a STG pandora station for the first time. Their song Gimme Sympathy was the second song and it was love at first sound. Their latest album "Synthetica" is a favorite of mine and really gives a good glimpse about what the band is about - singing about the state of the world when others are afraid to. Some of my favorites tracks from them are - Collect Call, Combat Baby, The Police And The Private, Soft Rock Star (Jim Vs Joe Remix), Artificial Nocturne, Lost Kitten, Dreams So Real, and The Wanderlust.

Flight Of Angels
Flight Of Angels is an album that accompanies the game Splice by Cipher Prime Studios. It is also one of the most beautiful piano soundtracks I have ever heard. The tracks are all named after angels (as far as I know) and are absolutely divine. This album is very near and dear to me to the point where I would say this is the soundtrack of my soul. Please, listen to this album.

The Civil Wars
I first heard the song Barton Hollow back when the band was just getting some air. I fell in love, but didn't really listen because I like singing along to songs I already know. Recently, though, I found out the female in the duo is no other then Joy Williams - one of my favorite singers when I was younger. I've been listening to the entire album at a time and now I just can't wait for the next one to come out, whenever that may be. My favorite songs from "Barton Hollow" are - Barton Hollow, Forget Me Not, Birds Of A Feather, Falling, and their two songs from "Songs From District Twelve" Kingdom Come and Safe And Sound (with Taylor Swift *shudder*)

The Bay
The Bay by Metronomy is prolly my favorite song. There is literally no way for me to NOT like this song.


Spirit Soul Earth
I am convinced that Rain is the greatest person that God has allowed my life to be blessed by. Just go to her blog. Just go.

Fae Soul

Flower Child Dwelling

Roots And Feathers


MC Gamer
MC is just like my favorite person ever. He's fantastic in every way and I just love him ^_^


The Steampunk Chronicles - Kady Cross
Trilogy as far as I know, but since I haven't read the third/last book yet I don't know. The books are The Girl In The Steel Corset, The Girl In The Clockwork Collar, and The Girl With The Iron Touch. I can't wait to read Touch, but until then I'll reread Corset and Collar.

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
My favorite single book, by far. Read it. Like...now.


Borderlands 2 - PC
Borderlands 2 was the first shooter I ever really got into. Borderlands was my boyfriend's favorite game so I had bought the sequel for him as a gift. Then I saw some gameplay and decided I HAD to play this one myself. We did get about half way through the first one before I played the sequel, but he was being a whiny baby about it since he had played it before. I was Lilith and he was Mordecai, if you wanted to know. I have a thing for Mordecai. Anyways, if you haven't played Borderlands 2, you need to. Like right now. Go. Buy it. Oh, and I played the Mechromancer on that. She's pretty amazing. She has a death robot. Go play it.

Minecraft - PC
I mean, let's be honest here, who doesn't like Minecraft? The game is freaking fantastic and if you haven't played it, you most definitely should. Go play. Now...or well, after you play Borderlands 2.

Splice - PC
Splice is the most fantastical puzzle game ever made. You basically splice up molecules to get the correct formation. That may seem kinda lame to you, but the puzzles are accompanied by a piano soundtrack called "The Flight Of Angels" that just may be some of the most beautiful piano music I have ever heard.

Viva Pinata - PC
I LOVE Viva Pinata. You raise pinatas. And it's amazing.

Child Of Eden - Xbox 360 with Kinect
Child Of Eden is one of the most visually stunning games I have ever seen. You can play with Kinect or controller and you have to destroy colorful viruses and save a girl named Lumi that is pretty much the history of everything in the future. The music is great, the visuals are great, and the Kinect works really well with this game.

Final Fantasy VI - GBA
Yes, I know that the GBA edition is the ported version, but that was the version that I played and still own. I believe that FFVI is the best Final Fantasy game ever made and it makes VII look like the piece of overrated crap that it is (I actually do like VII, I just think VI is about a million times better.) Everyone in the world should play this. Besides, the best (as in worst) FF villain of all time is in this one.

Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox 360
Yes, again. I do realize that I just said VI was the best FF ever. But XIII is my favorite. It's not better. It's just my favorite. I like the story, I like combat system, I like the crystarium, I LOVE the music. If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge game music fan. Even though Nobuo Uematsu didn't make the soundtrack for this game, it's one of my favorites of ever. I find the tracks have diversity and some of them are just so ethereal that I can't believe the sound can exist in this world.

The Entire Kingdom Hearts Series - PS2, GBA, DS, PSP, 3DS, PS3
The Kingdom Hearts series is one of my favorite things in the world. Like up there with music, dessert, energy drinks, video games, and tea. Most definitely in the Top Ten of everything in existence. I might love it more than air. If I could breathe it instead air, I would. Actually, that seems really impractical, but you get my point. I prolly got it three sentences ago. Anyways, I own every KH game, aside from the original Chain Of Memories and Coded. CoM is originally for the GBA and was remade for PS2 and the original Coded was a Japanese cell phone game which was remade for the DS. KH3D was pretty much the deciding factor in my purchase of a 3DS (XL). I'm a Disney kid through and through and a major Square lover, so the fact that these two companies had a love child pretty much makes life fantastical for me. If you haven't played it yet, Kingdom Hearts and RE: Chain Of Memories, along with full HD scenes from Days, is being released to PS3 later in 2013 so you should definitely check it out.



The Soup


Iron Chef America


Monsters Inc


Tron Legacy

Beauty And The Beast



Like any Disney movie before 2000 + every Pixar movie ever

Wreck It Ralph


Country Magazine
I don't have a subscription right now which makes me very sad, but I've been reading it since I was little and I have yet to find a more wonderful magazine.

No, I don't backpack.

Game Informer


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